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Rules for behavior in the Rila National Park

 Riles for behavior in the Rila National Park

  • Driving, parking and stay of motor vehicles including snowmobiles and ATVs without permission by Rila National Park Directorate outside of the determined andindicated for that purpose routesis prohibited.
  • Fishing is only allowed at the sites specifically marked for this purpose.
  • Camping and lighting fires are only allowed at specifically marked sites.
  • Hunting, carrying and transport of long fire weapon, bows and crossbowsare prohibited.
  • Pollution of the terrains and waters with wasteis prohibited.
  • Destroyindrock formations, collectinfossils andmineralsis prohibited.
  • Bathing and swimming in rivers and lakes isprohibited.
  • Picking flowersis prohibited.
  • Grazing goats isprohibited.
  • Walking dogs without leash or a hobble is prohibited.


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