Traffic with vehicles

Traffic with vehicles

The road traffic on the territory of the Rila National Park by organization is no different from the traffic on the respective (by class and functional affiliation) roads throughout the country.
The roads in Rila WIP are classified into 3 categories according to functionality and service.

1. Open roads;
2. Restricted roads;
3 Roads with access disabled.

According to the access regime, the roads in Rila National Park are divided into three categories:

a/ The use of the roads with free access in the Rila National Park is without limitation.

b/ The use of the roads with limited access is carried out after the issuance by the Director of the Directorate "NP Rila" of a letter of coordination under §7 of transitional and final provisions (PDO) of the Protected Areas Act (PDO). In order to receive a letter of agreement in accordance with § 7 of the PFA of the SPA, the natural/legal person needs to submit a written application according to a template.An application for coordination of movement with motor vehicles can be submitted by e-mail to an address delovodstvo@rilanationalpark.bg in Central Office.
Within 7 days of the submission of the application, the Director of the Rila National Health Insurance Agency agrees/refuses the movement of vehicles on the territory of the park.

c/ The use of the roads with forbidden access is carried out only in the implementation of control-security, monitoring, maintenance and restoration activities by employees of the Directorate "NP Rila", as well as in the implementation of rescue operations, fire fighting activities and emergency situations. Note: Where necessary, temporary restrictions are introduced in the use of the roads described. Change of the regime for the use of the roads in "Rila" National Park is allowed in case of natural disasters and accidents and other unforeseen circumstances.

The Director of the Directorate "NP Rila", under certain circumstances permits or prohibits the movement of vehicles on the roads approved by the project. The movement of vehicles outside the roads permitted by the order is prohibited.

Map of roads and parking spaces in Rila National Park

DEVELOPMENT PROJECT for the movement and parking of motor vehicles (vehicles) on the territory of Rila National Park