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Rila Park was declared on February 24, 1992 by Order № 114 of the Ministry of Environment (ISA) with a total area of ​​107,923.7 ha. In accordance with the legislation in force at the time (Articles 17 and 22 of the Nature Protection Act) it was declared a national park. The management of the National Park is carried out by the 11 State Forestries (DL) existing at the date of announcement, later transformed into Forestry (SG).
By Order № 62 / 15.02.1996 of the then Committee on Forests (currently the National Forestry Board), as of 15.02.1996, the Rila National Park (LPP) Department was established with its seat in the town of Dupnitsa. The main functions of the management are coordination, methodological guidance and control over the implementation of the park development project, scientific, educational and promotional activities, nature protection and restoration activities, biological and landscape diversity and organization of tourism and recreation for the state forest included in the park. fund (DGF). According to the same order, the GS, on whose territory the park is located, "organize and carry out the protection, conservation, management, arrangement and reproduction of the natural resources on the territory". The LPG has been closed since 15 February 1999.
By Order № RD 252 / 11.06.1996 of the ISA, as of 15.06.1996, a Regional Environmental Inspectorate was established for Rila National Park with headquarters in the town of Blagoevgrad. The main functions of the inspection are organizing and conducting control over the application of the normative acts on environmental protection, nature protection and other normative acts when carrying out activities on the territory of the park.
Order № RD-49 / 07.02.1997 extends the scope of activity of the inspection to territories outside the park. In the same year, by order № RD-155, the Inspectorate was transformed into the Department for Rila National Park at the National Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (NCSPD) - Sofia.
Pursuant to the Law on Protected Areas adopted in 1998, the Ministry of Environment and Water, by Order № RD-504 / 29.12.98, closed the department at the National Center for Environmental Protection and established the Directorate of Rila National Park with headquarters in Blagoevgrad, as of since January 1, 1999. The main functions of the Directorate are: management and protection of Rila National Park; implementation of the management plan; assignment of activities provided for in the management plan and development plans and projects; coordination and control over activities carried out by other bodies, organizations and individuals; implementation of educational and information programs and projects; monitoring of environmental components and database maintenance; sanctioning violators. The area of ​​activity of the Directorate is Rila Park within the boundaries of Order № 114 of 24.02.1992.
By Order № RD-397 of 15.10.1999
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