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The territory of Rila National Park is located mainly in the transitional-continental climate zone of the country, occupying an intermediate position compared to the other two main climatic zones in Bulgaria - temperate-continental from the north and continental-Mediterranean from the south. Part of the park to the south passes into the continental-Mediterranean climate zone. Within these zones, the territory of the park falls into three climatic sub-zones (regions) - North Rila and Mid-Stream to the transitional-continental zone, and South Rila to the continental-Mediterranean zone. The border between the temperate-continental and the transitional-continental climatic region passes along the northern foot slopes of Rila Mountain, and between the transitional-continental and continental-Mediterranean region - along its southern slopes. This is the main zonal factor that influences the formation of the climate in the park. Its characteristics depend on the amount of incoming solar radiation, as well as on the specifics of the atmospheric circulation under the strong influence of the mountain relief, as the main azonal climatic factor.
The climate is influenced by elements of the relief - vertical division, exposure, altitude. The various vertical divisions (the shapes and the orientation of the valleys, the barriers between them) influence the circulation of the air masses and through them the temperatures, the winds, the precipitations.
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30 years Rila National Park