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The main hydrographic node of the country falls on the territory of Rila National Park. It is assumed that the name of the mountain is of Thracian origin, but according to some sources in Old Slavonic it means "multi-water mountain". From it spring three of the largest rivers in Bulgaria - Maritsa, Iskar and Mesta, and their smaller tributaries, as well as the Rila tributaries of the Struma River drain the numerous circuses in the mountains. In the high parts of Rila National Park there are over 120 glacial lakes, located in armchair-shaped depressions, open on one side, often ending in a circus threshold. Most of the lakes in Rila National Park are permanent, but there are also those with a small area of ​​1-2 decares, which dry up during the summer months. Most of the circuses have a northern exposure and form groups of several lakes. The highest is the Ice (2709 m) from the group of Musala lakes. Most of the lakes have a depth of between 2 m and 10 m. Of the many alpine lakes of glacial origin, the Seven Rila Lakes are undoubtedly the most famous and visited. Most of them are located at 2100 to 2500 m above sea level. The deepest is Okoto (37.5 m), with the largest area - Bliznaka (91 decares), with the largest water volume - Kidney. The largest lake in Rila is on the territory of Rila Monastery Nature Park - Smradlivoto 212 decares.
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