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The Rila National Park Directorate, with the support of PMI Bulgaria Association and the Sofia Photography School, organize a photo contest on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the announcement of the Rila National Park.

Thirty inspiring mountain landscapes from the picturesque Rila mountain will be awarded, which will be used to promote the activity of protecting the invaluable natural wealth of the Rila National Park. The competition is held in six categories:
• The waters of Rila - lakes, rivers, waterfalls
• Shelter in the mountains - huts and shelters
• The forests of Rila - white caps and green slopes
• The wild world of Rila - flora and fauna
• The people and the mountain - recharge
• Stars above Rila - the freedom to dream
Photos can be submitted from June 24th to September 15th. Five prizes will be awarded in each category. The selection announcement will occur on 01.10.2022 on the Rila National Park social channel on Facebook and the awarding - at an event in October 2022. Attractive prizes await the honoured participants, such as a two-day photo trek, a photography course and a course on project management, books - identifiers, t-shirts, participation of works in exhibitions and printed materials. In addition to a competition, this photo contest is a form of a donation to Rila National Park, as your outcomes will contribute to promoting the Park and supporting our outreach and education activities. Please read the contest regulations and how to send photos in detail here. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!
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30 years Rila National Park